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Rand McNally Map Updates Support: Why do you need it?

Rand McNally, a leader in navigation, specializes in maps, road travel, and trip planning. Founded in 1856, Update Rand McNally GPS provides the best in travel routing, information and planning tools. So, Arm your coaches with the best in navigation.

Sometimes users faces a hard time updating Rand McNally GPS and they couldn’t find any way to accomplish the task. To avoid such situations, you must get in touch with our Rand McNally GPS update team. Our technical experts will provide you with the best solution to your issue within a fraction of a second. Here is a set of instructions available to get rid of the updating issue. Similarly you can also take assistance from our Rand McNally map update team.

Steps to update Rand McNally GPS

  • Firstly, please connect the GPS using the supplied USB cable.
Connect Rand McNally GPS with PC via USB cable
Connect Rand McNally GPS with PC via USB cable
  • Then, please check on GPS display to confirm connection.
Rand McNally GPS Screen must say “Connected”
Rand McNally Support Dock initializing..
  • Now, once the initialization is done you can see the Rand McNally main menu.
Rand McNally Support Dock Software
Rand McNally Support Dock Software
  • Afterwards, you will see the icon just in case, if your GPS is up-to-date
Rand McNally Updated
Your device is up to date.
  • If in case, monthly update is available there is an icon on the display.
Update is available
  • Now, there you can also know if the map update is available.
Rand McNally Map Update available
Rand McNally Map Update available
  • After that, you will see the option to download map updates for your device.
  • Now, have some patience & once the download is complete, please transfer it, then the following message will appear on the display.
Transfer download
  • Finally, unplug the GPS device from your computer & it will reboot.

Therefore, these were some of the steps that you can follow to complete the Rand McNally update without losing any time. Just in case, you need any kind of help or assistance you may get in touch with our Rand McNally maps updates support team for more useful and informative help.

Call on Rand McNally customer service number for support

Contact Number: Call 1-877-677-7170

Call Time: timeAverage Wait: 2 mins Mon-Fri 9:00am-8:00pm ET
Support via Chat:chatDirect to human.
For online help: customer care
useful tools &
number to call:skypecall via web

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